Saturday, 26 November 2011

About going to the beach.

Today me and my family are going to the beach. I am going to build a sand castle. And i am going to swim at the beach. The beach is fun. Guess what? I realLy really really like to go to the beach. Because we can make sand castle. And i am going to build a volcano with a wet sand! And i am going to make an axe. And i am not going back home, because i am going to sleep in the the hotel. Then on monday i am going back home and watch a movie called the " Puss in the Boots".

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

About my speech - drama!

Today, at my school, i had speech-drama! I sing  and act i was the cat and Ashley.D is the cat too we have two more animals its the rat and the pig i like doing speech -drama and the title is The little red hen! and the   last part is getting sticker and in the present there's 4 packets! I still don't know what is in the packet! i'll be getting it later when i finish my concert!