Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My road trip to south -Singapore-

Thursday night we went to Johor Baharu. Daddy drove the car. We were sleeping in the car. And then we arrived at the hotel and we went to our room and continued sleeping.

On Friday, we ate chicken rice in the restaurant at Johor Bharu. Me and my big sister ate chicken rice while my little sister ate rice and chicken. After eating we went to Singapore. It took a while to Singapore because we went by car. We crossed Selat Tebrau, the ocean. When we arrived the hotel we went to our room. Our room was at level 38th. The room number was 3860. The hotel was big and nice. After that we went for swimming. The pool was on top of the hotel. It was called the infinity pool. The pool was really amazing. It was deep. Then it was 7 o' clock. My dad ordered some food because we are hungry. After we ate we continued swimming. My dad took picture of the nice city.

At night we went and saw all around Singapore. The city, the building, a lot's of things. And suddenly there was a show at 9:30pm nearby the lake. The tittle was Wonderful.There were fountain and picture of a boy and girl. It was a really nice show. Later, we took a strool at the garden. Then i was thirsty so we drank some water from the water cooler at the garden; Garden by the Bay. Then we went back to the hotel because everyone was tired. Me and my father raced to the hotel. I like racing to the hotel.

Next morning, we spent time in the bath tub taking our bath. It was really fun and joyful in the bath tub. After taking our bath we wore our clothes and went for shopping, walking around and around and around until it's night.

So at night we went for Night Safari. We rode a tram and saw a lot's of animals. We saw deer, hynea, malayan tiger, lion, elephant, tapir, hippopotumas, sea lion, girrafe, zebra, and the snake. So that's it. Then we wacthed a show. It was animal show. There was a special sea lion that can put tins, plastics and papers into the correct recycling bin. The instuctor asked the audience to stand up because they were sitting on the snake. So the instructor asked one macho man to come out. It was a korean man, suddenly they closed the lights and the instructor put the snake around him. But the korean man didn't realise it. They switched on the light and he was shocked that there was a a snake around him. He was really brave so he deserve a toy snake. The instructor called another boy or girl. So a boy came out. The instructor ask him to hide a grape on his hand so the asian bear cat couldn't find it. Then bear cat came out and try to think were was the grape. So he smelt it. It was at the right hand. The bear cat won. Then we took some pictures with the instructor. So that was the and of Singapore. Bye!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Frizzy Fruity Ice-cream.

I want to tell you something. We are making the FIZZY FRUITY ICE-CREAM. The ingredients are strawberries and lemon hundred plus. We also need the ice cream holder and a mould. First we pour the hundred plus into the mould. Next we put the strawberries into the mould. Then we put it in the fridge for 3 or 4 hours. So that's about it. It was really fun and simple. I can't wait to eat it.

This is strawberries for the ice - cream.
The ice - cream is cooling up in the fridge.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Vacation..

I can't wait for tomorrow! Yesterday we packed, all our swimming attire, jeans, white t-shirts, barbie t-shirt,leopard attire, panties and also blouse and t-shirt that mama sewed and will bring it to Singapore. I'm bringing a note book, a story book, some toys and my stationery set.We are going to be at Singapore for two days and Johor Baru (JB) for three days.

We are going to Night Safari, theme park and swimming pool. I feel very happy and excited because it's going to be fun. And I also love my parents because they all take us for some vacation.

Monday, 17 December 2012

My sister's birthday... surprise!!

Saturday 3 o'clock in the afternoon, we went to KLCC to celebrate my sister's birthday. She was 9 years old.The birthday girl and mama went to the toilet. While they were going to the toilet we went to Kinokunya and went upstairs,  to the cafe. There were a lot of people. There were , Mak Long, Marcel, Pak Anjang, Mak Anjang, Mak Lang, Pak Lang,Atok and Nenek. There were set of colour, note book and a calendar as the party pack. I was shocked that there was a cake. I can't believe it. It was DORK DIARIES !It was the  birthday girl's favourite cake. The cake looks similar to the book. 

The cake that similar to the book. DORK DIARIES

The party pack

Then the birthday girl and mama came up. Mama closed the birthday girl's eyes. Later mama opened her eyes in front of everybody, and she was shocked that there was a Dork Diaries cake on the table. So we sang happy birthday to her. And we ate the cake. It was soooo yummy and gummy. So that's about it.                                                                 


Friday, 14 December 2012

My sister's birthday.

On  11th  December, it was my sisters birthday. Our father took us to Mid Valley. We went to the Barbie store. I bought a pair of sunglasses and stationery set while the birthday girl bought a pair of sunglasses and a T-shirt. My small sister bought a set of barbie and a T-shirt too. Then we went upstairs.

Upstairs , there were a lot of things. Even the walls were colourful. There was one lady who asked us to pick a dress. There were many choices. There were: Barbie  The Princess The Popstar, Barbie Of The Swan Lake,Barbie In The Pink Shoes,Barbie In The Diamond Castle and Barbie In The 3 Musketeers. I picked barbie in the diamond castle. Mine was red colour. My big sister picked barbie in the diamond castle too. But it was purple colour. My little sister  pick barbie in the swan lake. It was blue colour. Then the lady make up us. After that we took some photos. And we were done. But my parents wanted to choose some pictures of us. We were still playing barbies. So that's the end for the day.

I wish I could go there again. That was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

My big sister wearing a beautiful purple dress.
My little sister wearing blue shining dress.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Our mother plan for us to make a VOLCANO! 

First we did the  glue. The things we need were: tapioca starch, spatula, water and boiling water. First we put the tapioca into a bowl. Then we we put the normal water and the boiling water. After that  we stirred  it  until it's gooey. Then we waited until it's cold. 
Then we started to do the mountain. First we put a bottle on a base. Then we crumpled the papers like a ball. Then we put the crushed papers around the bottle. Then we covered  the bottle with big pieces of papers until it became like a real mountain. We covered the mountain with many layers. Then we let it dry.

The next day we painted our mountain. We painted the mountain with a sponge. We dipped the sponge into a paint and tapped it through the mountain. Mine was brown,green and purple. Brown for the sand,green for the grasses and trees and I'm not sure for the purple colour. But we learned a new lesson we mixed colours blue and yellow =green,red and blue =purple and the last colour was red and yellow=orange. And we have done.
Then, on Saturday we made the explosion of the volcano. My father took the video. The things were: baking soda,vinegar, orange food colouring and liquid dish soap. First we added in the baking soda through the funnel. Then we put the vinegar and the orange food colouring into a jar. Then we stirred it. While stiring we put the liquid dish soap into the jar. After that we poured the things we made into the funnel and BOM!!! The larva came out. Then we made another explosion. Instead of using the baking soda, we used the coca cola and mentos. We opened the cap from the bottle and put in one mentos, suddenly SPLASH!!! The coca cola burst. That part was really fun!
I like to do this kind of art and experiment.  It's really really fun and exciting. I wish I could do this again.

Monday, 3 December 2012


Last Saturday we made leaf casting! The leaf  casting was made out of PLASTER DUST. The things we need were,5 packets of plaster dust,2 bowls,a spatula and a leaf. LET'S GET STARTED!!!

First, we went into the bushes and hunt for leaves. Mine was green and flat, Arlia's was yellow orche and curvy, Arisha's was yellow and small and mama's was brown and a dried leaf. Then we poured some water into the bowl. Then we poured all the plaster dust into another bowl. And then we poured some water into the bowl that is full of plaster dust. Then we stir until it's  mixed. Then it became a mixture. Then we pour the mixture on top of the leaves and leave it overnite and let it dry.

The mixture dried and  harden.  Then we peeled the leaves. After that we painted the casting. My casting was yellow and red in coloured. Suddenly my one broke because I flip the casting. But I just continued painting and painting and painting until we were done.

I love to do LEAF CASTING. It's fun. I wish I could do it again. I wish I could do it again with ONE WHOLE FAMILY!!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pizza Making

Today my sisters and I went out and did some activities.Today we made some pizza at the cooking class. The cooking class was at Curve, Damansara.

When we arive, we ate spaghetti and drank ice lemon tea. After we finished our meal, the instructor gave us a cooking hat and an apron. So let's get started. We need a lot of ingredients.The ingredients are,dough, flour, salt, yeast, cheese, chicken and tomato. First the instructor gave us the dough. Second  we rolled the dough with the rolling pin.

After we rolled the dough until it's flat, we put diced tomatoes on top of it. We also put chickens, mushroom and a lot more .Then we put cheese on top of them all while yeast around the dough. Then we fold the dough into half. After that we put yeast in the middle of the dough while cheese  on top of the yeast. So then the instructor bake the pizza in the oven.

While waiting for the pizza, we coloured pictures given by the instructor . The picture is a little chicken named Picky. We coloured and coloured and coloured and coloured until we finished colouring. After we coloured the picture, the instructor gave us to drink, coca-cola. Finally, we recive a Certificate Of Attendance of Top Hat Young Chef Workshop.

I had so much fun cooking. I wish I could go there again. BYE BYE.

                                                                     THE END

Monday, 4 June 2012

In Tokyo.

On Wednesday, I went to Tokyo. In Tokyo there's a lot  of things. I like Tokyo. On the first day in Tokyo, I went into the hotel. 

I started my vacation by going to the airport. The airport is very important. The airport  is very important because we need to check in. Ok after we went to the airport we went into the flight. It's was very long. Seven hours. After the flight, we walked around another airport but we don't need to check in. And we reach the hotel. The hotel is quite small. It is not so small. But it is also nice. 

So the next day, I woke up and took my bath. And we went to the Disneyland hotel.In disney hotel, we also need to check in. After we check in, we went for a walk, go shopping until night time. Then we went   back to the new hotel. Me and my mum went to get some ice. Then we eat eat eat eat then we went to bed.    GOOD NIGHT !

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My fever

Today I have a fever. I don't know why I got a fever. When I woke up this morning I suddenly got a fever . So I took my medicine. I played thomas with my grandmother. And I also played lego by myself. I did not go to school today because I got a fever. Only my sisters went to school but not me.

Friday, 13 April 2012

My dad's cousins wedding.

Last week me and my family went for a wedding. It ws my dad's cousins wedding.It was at Utm. It was a indoor event. A lot of people went to the wedding. One of my cousin went to the wedding also.Her name was Adlia. She is a girl. She is one years old. I eat nasi minyak. It was yummy. I like nasi minyak. My mum and dad wanted to eat cendol. Then I took some. Then I also tride the cendol it was not so yummy for me. But it is yummy for my mum and dad.

The next day Sunday, it was the same wedding but it was not the same place. It was at Bangi. I played and I also eat ice-cream. I ate two ice sister ate one. And my small sister ate two ice-cream also .my mum and dad sing two song.And then we played with Fifi. She is our friend. Then we get some sweet from Tok Ngah. Then we finish the sweet. Then we go back. But before we go back, we go to my grandmother's house and took our bath. It was rainning. So we didn't get to see my cousin. But we get to see my cousin after the rain stop. My cousin was at the hospital. We are not going to be that long. Because it was Sunday, and on Monday we are getting ready for school. Then we go back home and sleep.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Atok's birthday

Last Sunday it was my grandfather's birthday. A lot of people came. Then we played a little bit, and it is time to sing Happy Birthday. There were two cakes. One was the golf club cake and another was the choclote cake. I ate the golf club cake. It was yummy. There were icing on top of the cake. I like the cake very much. Then I played ipad with my cosin Macel. He is 9 years old ,and we also play a competition of fighting, my cosin won. But he said that i'm strong so that mins that i won the competition.And it's time to go back home.

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Zoo!

On Wednesday me and my family went to Zoo Negara. But my father did not go to the Zoo. Because he needs to go to work. So me my mother my sisters my grandmother and my maid went to the Zoo only. We saw a lot of animals. But there is one animal that we don't know that the animal live in the Zoo but that animal always live in he desert it is a "Camel". That's the animal who always live in the desert. But first we saw a monkey. But it's not a monkey it's like a monkey. Then we saw the Hornbill. Hornbill is a type of a bird. And we saw a lot more it's a long story.

Monday, 12 March 2012

My Sri Sports Day

Last month was My Sri Sports Day. It was interesting. There were four houses. The name of the houses were Hunain,Kandak,Uhud and Badar. Hunain is green. Khandak is yellow. Uhud is red and badar is blue. The place was at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Melati. I cried at the Sports Day, because I wanted my father. But thet time my father was in Pinang.

I played 2 games. The name of the game was foggy jump and stacking numbers. But there's one more game. But I do not now the name of that game. For my present I got 2 present. The present are art block and a snake box.

Monday, 6 February 2012

My trip to Terengganu!

On Saturday, was my trip to Terengganu. At Terengganu, was fun. There was a beach and a swimming pool. The beach was very fun than the swimming pool because the beach wave was very strong and we like the wave. And that time the beach was close. Because it is time for desert. And then I became sleepy. Then my mum and my dad ate ice-cream then we went back to the hotel and go to sleep.

The next day me and my sister woke up,then we got up from the bed and we saw our mother is not at the bed because she went to the beach with my small sister. Then we go and play with the ipad then my mother come back from the beach. Then we go breakfast. I had Pancake for breakfast my father did not come for breakfast because he was still sleeping. When I got half of my Pancake my father came. After we finish our breakfast we went swimming a little bit long we can not swim so long because after swimming we need go to batik painting. For batik painting i had Angry Birds. After we all have done we all wait for our mother. When we waited for our mother we played with the computer then my mother came after that we went back to the hotel. Then we take our bath in the bath tub. The bath tub was fun my father put soap in the tubthen it was time for super but that time I was not sleepy I am happy because I had satay.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Party day!

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. Her name was Lana. Now she is six6 years old. There was a lot of angry birds things. Over there, there was a swiming pool. There were two swiming pool. Both swiming pool are not deep. Our mum don't let us swim because my small sister was sick. She is not so sick.But we still can play in the play ground. But it's because she vomite. Yesterday she vomited in my daddy's car. By going to her house we need a GPS. GPS show us the way to anywere. Her house was at Damansara. It is far but we did not sleep. There were a lot of pepole at the party. There were my old friends I only saw two. Thier name are Fatin Alia and Alisha. Only that i saw. but i did not play with Alisha. But i played. With Fatin Alia. And it is time to go back. Because my sister got a class. The name of the tusion was Lorna Whiston. That is a English tusion.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My big trip at Singapore !

On Saturday,I went to Singapore. I went to singapore riding on a brigde. I didn't ride on a areoplane.

The next day,I went for swimming.There was a deep and not deep swimming pool. The not deep swimming pool was fun because of the slide. Oooops! I almost forget I went swimming with my serveboard. My picutre was a shark/gous. I had a new fried she is a girl here name was Patrisha. She came from Spain. Then I ask my mother is Spain far? Then my mother answer yes and Spain is outside of the Earth. Then we went back to the hotel.

The last day we went to Universel Studio. I like the place it was big. I saw Woody woodpecker. Then I go watch Shrek it was 4D. Then I ride on a Roller coaster. It was fun. Then I ride on a Trans Formers the ride the middle part was scary. The finaly we saw pepole daning

I love Singapore. And I will say bye bye Singapore. And you too bye bye!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Memories in Kindicare.

Last year i went to my old school. My school name was kindicare. In the school there were many classes. The classname is Buttercup,Daffodils,Tulip,Hibiscus and Orchid.That is the name of the classes. That time I have a lot of friends there were 23 in the class. Oooops! I forget to tell the name of my class. My class name is Orchid.

When i was in Orchid, my concert was Snow White.I was the narrator that who tells the story of snow white. I am wearing a blue gown. I like my blue gown. It's beautiful. I like my concert.

In Orchid my class teachers's name were Aunty Shanti and Aunty Jane. That's my class teachers's name. At nine'o clock on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we all went down to the playground whith the boys. The boys name were Miki, Sashine, Qawiem and Aqiel. That were the boys that I played with. I ran and chased the boys. I didn't manage to catch the boys except Aqiel. Because he is slow. The other girls were playing with the slide and swing.

I feel I like the School.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ADNI - My new school!!

Wednesday was my first day of school! It was a new school. The name of the school was ADNI. I like the school. I was late for a assembly because i was sending my sister to her school first. That's why I was late for assembly. In the assembly i cried. At the class when my teacher called my name i also cried because i am shy to answer my name. After that my mother went off to work. But i didn't cry every day. I cried only three days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I cried in the afternoon because I wanted to go home. I feel that I don't like the school because it is very long . The school finish at 4:00 o clock.

But, today and yesterday I did't cry. Because now i got a lot of friends. My friends name were Akmal Firdaus, Nihal, Syamira, Moadz, Erin and Cantika. They are my friends. I played with them. The teachers were nice. Teacher Najihah teaches me Arabic, Teacher Zuraida teaches me Bahasa Melayu ,Teacher Gamma teaches me Mathematics. I think I'm not going to cry again.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Pulau Pinang Day !

Lastime, i went to Pulau Pinang. I went to Pinang 3 days. The hotel was interesting, awesome . I like Pinang.

On Thursday, i went swimming. The swimming pool is best because, it has a slide. But before i went swimming i went to the kids club. The kids club was very board because my mother and father were coming to fetch me and my sister's from the kids club, the only i went for swimming.At the swimming pool there's a slide. The slide was long.