Friday, 13 April 2012

My dad's cousins wedding.

Last week me and my family went for a wedding. It ws my dad's cousins wedding.It was at Utm. It was a indoor event. A lot of people went to the wedding. One of my cousin went to the wedding also.Her name was Adlia. She is a girl. She is one years old. I eat nasi minyak. It was yummy. I like nasi minyak. My mum and dad wanted to eat cendol. Then I took some. Then I also tride the cendol it was not so yummy for me. But it is yummy for my mum and dad.

The next day Sunday, it was the same wedding but it was not the same place. It was at Bangi. I played and I also eat ice-cream. I ate two ice sister ate one. And my small sister ate two ice-cream also .my mum and dad sing two song.And then we played with Fifi. She is our friend. Then we get some sweet from Tok Ngah. Then we finish the sweet. Then we go back. But before we go back, we go to my grandmother's house and took our bath. It was rainning. So we didn't get to see my cousin. But we get to see my cousin after the rain stop. My cousin was at the hospital. We are not going to be that long. Because it was Sunday, and on Monday we are getting ready for school. Then we go back home and sleep.