Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Pizza Making

Today my sisters and I went out and did some activities.Today we made some pizza at the cooking class. The cooking class was at Curve, Damansara.

When we arive, we ate spaghetti and drank ice lemon tea. After we finished our meal, the instructor gave us a cooking hat and an apron. So let's get started. We need a lot of ingredients.The ingredients are,dough, flour, salt, yeast, cheese, chicken and tomato. First the instructor gave us the dough. Second  we rolled the dough with the rolling pin.

After we rolled the dough until it's flat, we put diced tomatoes on top of it. We also put chickens, mushroom and a lot more .Then we put cheese on top of them all while yeast around the dough. Then we fold the dough into half. After that we put yeast in the middle of the dough while cheese  on top of the yeast. So then the instructor bake the pizza in the oven.

While waiting for the pizza, we coloured pictures given by the instructor . The picture is a little chicken named Picky. We coloured and coloured and coloured and coloured until we finished colouring. After we coloured the picture, the instructor gave us to drink, coca-cola. Finally, we recive a Certificate Of Attendance of Top Hat Young Chef Workshop.

I had so much fun cooking. I wish I could go there again. BYE BYE.

                                                                     THE END