Monday, 12 December 2011

my sister's 8th birthday.

Yesterday was my sister's BIRTHDAY. We went to the restaurant and celebrate it there. Then we took a little bit of picture. At the restaurant i ate the hotdog. My family ate the cake but i didn't eat the cake. Me and my father took a picture at the christmas tree. My sister ate the spaghetti .

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Movie day.

Yesterday i went for a movie with my mum my sister's and my Kakak Yayah. It was a fun movie ilike that movie.

The movie was called Happy Feet. It's about penguins. There were three nauty penguins but i only remember one of the penguins name it was Erick. He is very very smal.their uncle ask them to give him a push into the sea. Then i saw 2 prawns one was Bill and one was Will they were brother's. They like to fight sometimes. Then Erick,the 2 penguins and their father met Bryan. He is big. Then when they to go back home something happen the ice was cracking then they coudn't get down so they need help so Bryan came to help then the snow from the ice is falling and they can get down so Erick and his father get to see their mother back. And it became very very snowy. And they lived happily ever after!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

About going to the beach.

Today me and my family are going to the beach. I am going to build a sand castle. And i am going to swim at the beach. The beach is fun. Guess what? I realLy really really like to go to the beach. Because we can make sand castle. And i am going to build a volcano with a wet sand! And i am going to make an axe. And i am not going back home, because i am going to sleep in the the hotel. Then on monday i am going back home and watch a movie called the " Puss in the Boots".

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

About my speech - drama!

Today, at my school, i had speech-drama! I sing  and act i was the cat and Ashley.D is the cat too we have two more animals its the rat and the pig i like doing speech -drama and the title is The little red hen! and the   last part is getting sticker and in the present there's 4 packets! I still don't know what is in the packet! i'll be getting it later when i finish my concert!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Brunei with sister and brothers

At brunei , i met one sister, and two brothers. The sister's name was kakak Yayah and the two brother's name were abang Man and abang Munir. Abang Munir and kakak Yayah gave us the ipad to play. Abang Man gave us his blackberry phone. Then in the morning, we went to the museum and see the old stuff. It was very,very,very amazing. I like to  go to the museum.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

That today i go For a walk with my grandmother!

Hari ini, saya pergi jalan sama nenek saya! Mula-mula, saya pergi kedai jahit,selapas to saya pergi pasar raya, te-tapi, saya tak jumpa nenek saya! Kalau saya tak jumpa nenek saya, saya pergi taman! Selepas itu saya jumpa nenek saya!Lepas to saya pergi restoran sri mamak! Selepas itu saya balik hotel saya!

Friday, 14 October 2011

About my grandmother is coming to my house.

Today, i am soooooooooooooooo happy and exited. You know why? Because my two grandmother is coming to my house. One of my grandmother's name is Matok and the second grand mother is Tok Cik. Matok is my mother;s mother. Tok Cik is my mother's aunty. They live in Mersing. Mersing is my hometown. Ooops! I almost forgot me  my family  and my grandmother are going for a  holiday. WE are going to Brunei. But my daddy is not going to Brunei. Because my daddy is going to Johor. Johor is nearby Mersing.

Friday, 30 September 2011

My Transformer Birthday Party

Last July, it was my birthday party. I invited all my friends. I invite Lin xian, Marcel, Qaweim,  Sara, Aqiel,  Fara, Ashley, Neha, Miki, Khaliff, Sufi and Seri. That is my friends that i invited. I.celebrated my birthday party at Kids sports and gym. Me and my friends went inside the music room. Then the uncle gave us the light stick, and the uncle switch off  the light, and we all dance. Then we played something again, we played folding the newspaper until it's small. I like playing that game. Then all my friends sing a happy birthday song. The cake was Trans formers And now i am 6 years old. Then we all played at the Kids sports play ground. And my friends gave me presents. And  my mother bought me a Transformers mask. And my mother also bought me a Tranformers t shirt.

Monday, 26 September 2011


On Sunday, i went to nenek's house. My nenek's house is in bangi. Over there, i played with my cousin. My cousin's name is Marcel. He is 8 years old. He is a boy.

We played a top. If you pull the string of the top, the top spin around. I like to play top, but when my sister disturb me, i don't really like it.

Sunday, 25 September 2011



Monday, 19 September 2011

My new cars 2 book.

Today, my mother bought me a new cars 2 book. Today my mother bought me my cars 2 book at ampang point. Just now i went to ampang point, and i went to popular, and bought this book. My mother bought each book for my sisters and me. Mine was big stickers in it. My sister one has stickers on it too. My small sister had some colouring.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

about cars 2 movie.

Before raya, me and my family, went for a movie cars 2. The movie  is about Grem andAcer, they are shooting the  cars while they were racing. then Holey and Finn McMissile and Mater when inside  the plane. suddenly i saw Professor Z. He was looking at McQueen, that he was not dead. professor z wanted Mqueen to die. After that during the first race, Bernouli wone . The second race McQueen wone. Grem and Acer wanted to shoot McQueen.I like going for a movie because it's very exciting .

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

my cars 2 poster

lastime, i went to toy surs (PLEASE READ AS TOYS R US ) then i buy all the cars 2 things. When we were paying the kakak  from toy surs (PLEASE READ AS TOYS R US) gave us the poster. i like going to toy surs (PLEASE READ AS TOYS R US), because it's fun. it's fun because there are toys in the shop.

Monday, 12 September 2011

my new journal

I got a new journal. my new journal is in my mother's computer. it is very fun writing in my mother's computer. i like it because it is very exciting. and i like my new journal in my mother's computer. it is very fun writing because it is like in the iphone. i like to write about my school. i like my school, because it's fun. it is because it has a playground. i like to play with my friends in the playground. its fun playing with all friends.