Wednesday, 27 February 2013


On 16th February, it was my Sri Sports Day. There were four types of houses. There were HUNAIN, BADAR, KHANDAK and UHUD. Wanna know which team I am in?  I am in teeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammm😯 HUNAIN!!! At the end I will tell you who is the champion for 2013. 
Me wearing the mask for our march pass
There was a race for the four houses. It was called dash. We had to run for 50m. I was the third one. Ah. Now lets go to another game. There were two games. I participated two games. The 1st game was called baby kangaroo. We had to run zig zag through the cones, jump over the hoola hoop, take one mathematics question and pasted it on a cardboard. BADAR was first. Second was KHANDAQ, third HUNAIN and last UHUD. The 2nd game was monster my. Now this is what I like. First we run zig zag through the cones, then threw a ball into a basket, after that took a balloon and sat on it until it pops🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! It was really loud. Then we had to finish up the puzzle. KHANDAQ was first, second was BADAR followed by HUNAIN and last was UHUD.

Me in front of my house's tent and the boys behind me holding the word HUNAIN!!!
Prize giving time. Baby kangaroo. 4th place UHUD. 3rd place HUNAIN. 2nd  place KHANDAQ. And 1st place went to BADAR. Monster my. 4th place UHUD. 3rd place HUNAIN. 2nd BADAR. And 1st place goes to KHANDAQ. Come on hunain don't be sad the overall champion went to HUNAIN!!! YAY!!!
Me running after the cardboard during my telematch. I was so nervous

So that was about the Sri Sports Day!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Celebrating daddy's birthday at magestic hotel.

On Tuesday we went to a special hotel that looks like a palace. The place was peace, queit and clean. There were lots of  people. We ordered 2 sets of the cakes, tart, scone and sandwiches. For the drinks  all of us ordered tea. When the food was served,  we started eating. 
The birthday man was so happy!

Me eating my favourite scone.
I ate the scone and the cake. I also put the sugar cube and milk into the tea. We gave the card to the birthday man, daddy and wished him happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!! WE LOVE💝YOU!!! We took pictures with daddy. I also took a picture of mama and daddy. Then we played. After playing we went out to see around the hotel. It was beatiful and big. there were many place to hide so I decided to play hide and seek. ShaSha was the counter. She has to count until number 20. Ready or not hear I come. Oh know she is coming. Oh she found Aya then me. Daddy said let's go. I thought we were going back home. We were actually taking rest inside the hotel somewhere at the cozy couch. Soooooooo relaxing!!! We still have time to play. Suddenly we were so tired. So we took a rest too. We went home just about before Maghrib!!

I wished we could go there again because I love the scones snd chocolate cake. And the place was peace and quiet!!!
Three sisters posing in front of the hotel.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


On Sunday we went to Gold Coast Morib. It took an hour to reach there. We fell asleep in the car while daddy was driving. After 30 minutes we were awake. We saw  a lot of palm trees, coconut trees and many cows. MOOOOO!!! It was a farm. We were almost there.  When we were playing, suddenly we saw mak long and Marcel. Yay! 

The hotel was nice, big, and clean. Mama was queuing in a long line at the lobby. Next it was mama's turn to get the key for the room. We were staying at level 1. Lets go! We went in the room. I  didn't really like the room because there was no carpet. But what I liked about the room was the bathroom. There was a jacuzzi in the bathroom. But we did not went in the jacuzzi because we can't wait to swim. We changed into our swimming suits and applied the sunblock all over our body. We did not want to get sunburn. When we were walking out from the room, atok and nenek suddenly came.  They were there to celebrate daddy's birthday just like us.
A long slide that I rode.
To enter the swimming pool, we had to wear wrist band or else we won't be able to go in there. There were many slides in the pool. Some were fast and some were slow. Of course I liked the fast one. We were swimming happily in the pool. We also rode on the slide. I rode on the highest slide which was fast. I was screeming. I'm going down. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! That was fast. Next we went to the big slide. It was slidy. Next we played with Marcel. All my cousins were there. Atiff and Adelia were there too. All of my family were there to celebrate daddy's birthday. I played with Adelia in the pool. Then I rode on the highest slide again. The slide was fun. It was time to go.
Me and Arisha on a roud pink floties and little Arlia holding the handle.
Next we went to 'Restoran Batu Asam'.  It was a seafood restaurant. Next to the restaurant was the jetty. The fisherman docked the boat at the jetty. I saw lots of boat at the jetty. We took some pictures at the jetty. When  we were at the table the food was already there. I ate rice, chicken, prawn and vegetables. After eating we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DADDY. I ate chocolate cake. Then I played with Marcel, Adelia and Atiff. After playing we went back to our hotel.
Me and my sisters sitting on a 'titi'
We felt so tired playing. But, NOT ME!  Marcel and I continued to play gun. I shot Marcel many times. While we were playing, mama and daddy went to the spa . Mak long and nenek were still in the room with us. Then they went for spa after mama and daddy came back. After we played, I played Marcel's PSP. HAAAAAAH. I feel so sleepy. We played and played and played until we fell asleep.
Daddy blowing his three chocolate cakes.
Next morning we had our breakfast. While we were queueing we saw our teacher from scholar base, Aunty Nadira. Then we sat in a shady place so the sun won't come to us. I ate coco crunch, bake beans and sausages. The food was not so yummy. Shasha ate Mee Goreng. And Aya ate coco crunch and sausages. After breakfast we swam again.

Arlia on a round floties.
We can't swim for long time because we had to go back home. So we just swam and rode on the slide for a few times only. I was not happy because we just rode for 4, 5 times. I rode on a yellow slide which was very slow. But I used my swimming board so it made me went fast. Mama, daddy and Aya were waiting for us down the slide. There were lot's of people queueing for the slide. So it made us late to go down the slide. Next it was my turn. WEEEEEEEEEEEE.........!!!!! Alright time to go. We sent the key back to the reception.

Next we went to had our lunch at Restaurant Ayam Kampung. I ordered ayam kampung, meat, vegetables and rice. I just ate half of it. Then I played Marcel's PSP while Marcel was playing with my ipad. It was time to leave. BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.........!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My road trip to north-Penang and Perak

On Thursday we went to Penang. We were already ready with our things that we packed on Wednesday. So we went to Penang and say goodbye to maktok and bebek. GOODBYE!!! Penang is sooo far. It tooks three hours to reach Penang.

In the car we suddenly fall asleep because the place was sooo far. We also have to cross two things to  go to Penang. First we cross Perak to go to Penang. Second we cross he bridge. The bridge was long. When we were already at the bridge we just woke up and we were all like 'Wow we are already at the bridge'. So we were already in Penang.

We went to our hotel which was at level 3. But before we went to our room we went to level 6 because the waiteress at kings club was going to give us some welcome drinks. The drinks were orange juice. We also saw the swimming pool from the top. The swimming pool looks small from the top. So off to to the swimming pool.

At the swimming pool there were three slides. First it was purple colour. Second it was yellow colour which was my favourite colour. Last was purple colour which was long. I like the long one because it was slidy and slippery. 'Woohoo! This is so fun'. I kneel my legs and SLIDE!!! While we were swimming we were exposed to the sun. Know is evening. It was 6:00pm. My parents swam in the pool too. My mum rented a round number 8 floties. We all were on top of the floties. My parents took  us for a push. We were floating in the pool. After that we all went to the slide toghether. It was really exciting at the pool.

Next we went to Nasi Kandar Beratur. I fill so sleepy whilye we were at the stall. But I still eat the Nasi Kandar. Yum! It was delicious. But I was still sleepy. So I just ate half of it.  Suddenly my mum Xsaw a trishaw.. It has three wheels. The special thing about the trishaw was, it has lights at night. We were deciding to ride on the trishaw or not. Since I am so tired so we decided not to ride on the trishaw. So we went  back to the hotel and slept. That the end of Thursday.

The next morning we went and had our breakfast at level 6 at kings club. I had  cereal and two slice of bluberry pancke. I like my breakfast. It was yummy. I like it so much. I wished my mum could cook this kind of pancake at home. Then we went for swimming. While we went for swimming our parents went and check out. We were happily sliding on the slide. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I LIKE THE SLIDE! Phew, I like the slide! We were also riding on the small slide. It was board because it was too short. So our parents just came and it was time to go to another hotel. But Penang is not over yet because the next hotel is still at Penang. Yay!!!

The next hotel was at Lone Pine. At the hotel there was a park and a big swimming pool. But something special about the park because there was a hommock hanging on the tree. So in the room here was a big bathtub. There wa also a basket to take our bath. We played with the bubbles when we were taking our bath. After taking our bath we played and watched telivision. Mama and daddy was asleep. Then we were asleep too. Hehehe!

The next day my mum said that we wanted to take our picure with an umbrella. My sister went first because she woke up early while yaya and me were still sleeping. So mama came and woke us up. Ut yaya was still sleeping. Mama ask me to send the the bag of the swimming suit to sha sha. So everybodywas awake and we had our breakfast.  Had bake beans, chicken sausage and potato wedges.after breakfast we swam at the big pool. He big pool was deep for me and yaya. Sha sha can touch the ground because she was tall. My mum and dad swam with us. After swimming my dad check out before we go. Me and yaya saw REAL CONGKAK!!! They play congkak using stones. My dad was waiting so lets go. So this is the end of Penang. BYE PENANG!!!

Now we are going to 'restoran Mee Udang Mak Jah'. Mee udang was special because the fishermen were catching lots of prawns. The fishermen also catch fish and sell it at the market. When they are done fishing, they always tie the boat to the jetty so the boat don't move. I orderd mee udang. There were lots of prawns in my mee. It is like thousands of it. The prawn was really yummy. We also took picture in front of the the writing'MAK JAH'.

Now we heading to  Zoo Taiping and Night Safari. We went to the Night Safari. Our mum bought the ticket. We took picture in front of the board that there were pictures of animals. We rode on a tramp. We saw girrafe, zebras, elephants, tiger, lion, orange flamingos,flamingos, but there is something special about the flamingo, they sleep and rest with one leg. It is special right. So we also saw hippopotumas that is the killer number one. They have sharp. African people are afraid of the hippopotumas. We saw many things at the zoo. When we already finished the trip, we took pictures.

Now we are going to another hotel at Ipoh. The name of the hotel was Kinta River Front. It tooks half and hour to reach Ipoh. My dad has to drive all the way to Ipoh. When we reach there we went to our room. The room was nice. We took our bath. The water was cold. Then we ate maggi. We also saw fireworks outside the hotel. They were celebrating Thaipusam. The fireworks was so nice. We suddenly fall asleep. Hehe!

The next day we we went to a new hotel again. It was still at Ipoh. The name of the place was Lost World of Tambun. It was an exiting place. There was a theme park. We went in the park. Yaaaaaay! We did lots of things. We rode on a slide. We rode on a slide with a yellow number eight floties. Woooooooooooooooooooooow! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We went to the slide for 5 or 4 times. The first time I rode on the slide was with my father. I was scared that time. But when I rode on the slide the second time it fills like I am flying. My mum rode with my big sister. Poor little sister she is short for the height they allow. My little sister just stay with the lifeguard. After riding the slide we went and go around the pool with the number 8 floties. When we are about to reach the end the water in the basket fall on us. Suddenly it started raining. But we still can play. But then we went and eat Tau Fu Fah. It was chinese desert. The tau fu fah was yummy. We also order rojak and mochi. I don't really like the rojak and mochi. Then we went to the hot spring. I don't like the hot spring. So we just move to another hot spring. The down one was better hen the other one. So we went back and took our bath.

The next day, hahaha it was Monday. We were actually going to school. But we were still at Ipoh. We were going back home. We pack our stuff and went back home.
                                                             VACATION IS OVER!
                                            I don't like when vacation is over. Bye Ipoh.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mama's birthday-Sunday.

On Sunday we went and celebrate mama's birthday at Subak restaurant. The restaurant was big. We also sat at a long and big table. I wonder why we are sitting at a long table. There were just six of us but there were twelve chairs. Suddenly, Mak Long, Marcel, Adelia, Mak Lang, Pak Lang, nenek, atok and pak busu were here. Know wonder there were twelve chairs. So we ordered our food. I orderd spagheti while my sister orderd cabonara and my little sister orderd fries.

Let's enjoy our meal. The spagheti was delicous.👍. I gave some of the spagheti to my little sister because she was just eating the fries. After we all had our meal, we played and played and played wih our cousin.we played catch. While we were playing, the cake just arrive. So we sang happy birthday to mama! 👏😊yay! Wait a minute not everyone were here. Where is Pak Anjang and Mak Anjang?they arrived when we were eating the cake. OH MY GOODNESS. THAT WAS TOO LATE. It was already 6:45. But they also had time to eat the cake. So we just had a liitle bit more time to play and off we went home. Wasn't that fun? Want me to tell you more about it? See you on Monday.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My trip to south- Johor Baharu.

On Saturday night, we went to JB. We checked in our hotel at Thistle. Then we went to our room number 829. Then, we spent time in the bath tub. The water was really warm. After we took our bath we slept because we were tired.

The next day, we went to Hello Kitty house. In Hello Kitty house there were a lot of things. There were rides, searching for letters, a lots of things to do. While we were queueing for a ride there was a show. It was a show entitle 'HELLO KITTY AND THE HEARTFUL JOURNEY'. There were Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. They traveled everwhere around the earth. After that we went for a ride called 'mini cup'. Next we went to Hello Kitty at Black Wonder. We played a game called hunting. We have to rescue Kitty and Daniel. Our black symbol was shaped like a heart. First we found leter G. Second was leter C. Third leter A. Fourth leter I. And fifth leter M. So we arrange the words toghether and we finally did it. The answer was 'MAGIC'. I try to write it and we won. The answer was magic. So after that we went to play balls. While we were playing our parents ordered some foods. So we played and played and played. Suddenly our mum called us. IT'S LUNCH TIME. My big sister and I ate hotdog while my little sister ate donut. After eating we went to Hello Kitty's house. There were music room, bath tub, kitchen, her own room, the dressing room, a lot more. We even took picture at her room. Her house was really nice. After that we went for the last ride. It was the mini cup ride. But this time we went with our parents. I went with daddy while Shasha and Aya went with mama. The ride begun!!!!. And it went round and round and round. So that's about HELLO KITTY HOUSE. See you next time!

Next we swam in the pool. There was a pool that is not deep. And there was a deep pool too. Me and my whole family swam in the deep pool. My small sister swam in the deep pool too. There was a slide. But it's not meant for slide because accidents happened before. That was at 7:00pm. So we continued swimming and swimming and swimming until 7:30pm. We went back to our hotel room and took our bath in the bath tub. So we got ready for bed. So that's about Sunday.

On Monday we went to LEGOLAND!!! At Legoland there were lots and lots of things. There were rides,face painting and lots more. First we went to the play ground while our mum was queing for the roller coaster ride. We played and played and played. It was time to go to our mum at the queue. We found our mum. While our parents were queueing we played some of the lego. So it was our turn. Buckle up. And,,GO! The roller coster was was breezy and twirling around and around and around. We were very dizzy. So after we went to the ride we went for face painting. I chose a cat image. It was black and white in colour. That was me and my little sister. My big sister chose a butterfly that was blue in coloured. Next to another roller coaster which there were four seats. But my little sister didn't ride on it because she was too small. The roller coaster was about to move. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and GO!!! It was higher than another one. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.! It was really fun going side to side, sliding around. AH! I was really dizzy. So then we went to the boat ride. I was banging here and there with my father. My sisters bang here and there with my mum. It was fun. Then we went to the dragon roller coster. We rode on it 2x. It was really high. I love it. I was shouting AAAAAAAHHHHH! It was fun. Next we went to the pulling ride. We need to pull the string and then it went down. It was quite bored because it just went up and down. Next we went to the tower that where we saw the whole Legoland!! I saw the roller coaster, the pulling ride, and lots more. So the last ride we went to the shooting game. We needed to shoot all the yellow circles. It was quite boring too because it was just shooting the yellow circles. Then we bought some toys. I bought some legos while my big sister bought an accesories case. My little sister bought some legos too. So then was the end of Legoland. BEST DAY EVER!

The last day of our vacation was going swimming. I have to wear my floaties because I was sick. We swam until afternoon. We played ball toghether accept for my father. Because he didn't want to swim. Maybe because he is tired? Never mind. So we continued playing. Then my mother went up just for a minute. Then she went back into the pool and played ball. So it was almost time. It was actually 2 o'clock. So my mother went up first. Then my little sister. And then me and my big sister. We took shower and wore our white T-shirt and colourful jeans. We even wore our homemade necklaces. So we went to the toilet just for a while then back into the car and we were going back to KL. So that's the end of our vacation! Bye.. see you in Kuala Lumpur.