Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My trip to south- Johor Baharu.

On Saturday night, we went to JB. We checked in our hotel at Thistle. Then we went to our room number 829. Then, we spent time in the bath tub. The water was really warm. After we took our bath we slept because we were tired.

The next day, we went to Hello Kitty house. In Hello Kitty house there were a lot of things. There were rides, searching for letters, a lots of things to do. While we were queueing for a ride there was a show. It was a show entitle 'HELLO KITTY AND THE HEARTFUL JOURNEY'. There were Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. They traveled everwhere around the earth. After that we went for a ride called 'mini cup'. Next we went to Hello Kitty at Black Wonder. We played a game called hunting. We have to rescue Kitty and Daniel. Our black symbol was shaped like a heart. First we found leter G. Second was leter C. Third leter A. Fourth leter I. And fifth leter M. So we arrange the words toghether and we finally did it. The answer was 'MAGIC'. I try to write it and we won. The answer was magic. So after that we went to play balls. While we were playing our parents ordered some foods. So we played and played and played. Suddenly our mum called us. IT'S LUNCH TIME. My big sister and I ate hotdog while my little sister ate donut. After eating we went to Hello Kitty's house. There were music room, bath tub, kitchen, her own room, the dressing room, a lot more. We even took picture at her room. Her house was really nice. After that we went for the last ride. It was the mini cup ride. But this time we went with our parents. I went with daddy while Shasha and Aya went with mama. The ride begun!!!!. And it went round and round and round. So that's about HELLO KITTY HOUSE. See you next time!

Next we swam in the pool. There was a pool that is not deep. And there was a deep pool too. Me and my whole family swam in the deep pool. My small sister swam in the deep pool too. There was a slide. But it's not meant for slide because accidents happened before. That was at 7:00pm. So we continued swimming and swimming and swimming until 7:30pm. We went back to our hotel room and took our bath in the bath tub. So we got ready for bed. So that's about Sunday.

On Monday we went to LEGOLAND!!! At Legoland there were lots and lots of things. There were rides,face painting and lots more. First we went to the play ground while our mum was queing for the roller coaster ride. We played and played and played. It was time to go to our mum at the queue. We found our mum. While our parents were queueing we played some of the lego. So it was our turn. Buckle up. And,,GO! The roller coster was was breezy and twirling around and around and around. We were very dizzy. So after we went to the ride we went for face painting. I chose a cat image. It was black and white in colour. That was me and my little sister. My big sister chose a butterfly that was blue in coloured. Next to another roller coaster which there were four seats. But my little sister didn't ride on it because she was too small. The roller coaster was about to move. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and GO!!! It was higher than another one. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.! It was really fun going side to side, sliding around. AH! I was really dizzy. So then we went to the boat ride. I was banging here and there with my father. My sisters bang here and there with my mum. It was fun. Then we went to the dragon roller coster. We rode on it 2x. It was really high. I love it. I was shouting AAAAAAAHHHHH! It was fun. Next we went to the pulling ride. We need to pull the string and then it went down. It was quite bored because it just went up and down. Next we went to the tower that where we saw the whole Legoland!! I saw the roller coaster, the pulling ride, and lots more. So the last ride we went to the shooting game. We needed to shoot all the yellow circles. It was quite boring too because it was just shooting the yellow circles. Then we bought some toys. I bought some legos while my big sister bought an accesories case. My little sister bought some legos too. So then was the end of Legoland. BEST DAY EVER!

The last day of our vacation was going swimming. I have to wear my floaties because I was sick. We swam until afternoon. We played ball toghether accept for my father. Because he didn't want to swim. Maybe because he is tired? Never mind. So we continued playing. Then my mother went up just for a minute. Then she went back into the pool and played ball. So it was almost time. It was actually 2 o'clock. So my mother went up first. Then my little sister. And then me and my big sister. We took shower and wore our white T-shirt and colourful jeans. We even wore our homemade necklaces. So we went to the toilet just for a while then back into the car and we were going back to KL. So that's the end of our vacation! Bye.. see you in Kuala Lumpur.

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