Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mama's birthday-Sunday.

On Sunday we went and celebrate mama's birthday at Subak restaurant. The restaurant was big. We also sat at a long and big table. I wonder why we are sitting at a long table. There were just six of us but there were twelve chairs. Suddenly, Mak Long, Marcel, Adelia, Mak Lang, Pak Lang, nenek, atok and pak busu were here. Know wonder there were twelve chairs. So we ordered our food. I orderd spagheti while my sister orderd cabonara and my little sister orderd fries.

Let's enjoy our meal. The spagheti was delicous.👍. I gave some of the spagheti to my little sister because she was just eating the fries. After we all had our meal, we played and played and played wih our cousin.we played catch. While we were playing, the cake just arrive. So we sang happy birthday to mama! 👏😊yay! Wait a minute not everyone were here. Where is Pak Anjang and Mak Anjang?they arrived when we were eating the cake. OH MY GOODNESS. THAT WAS TOO LATE. It was already 6:45. But they also had time to eat the cake. So we just had a liitle bit more time to play and off we went home. Wasn't that fun? Want me to tell you more about it? See you on Monday.

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  1. Hi Ariana:) Thanks for the write up darling. Mama love you..xoxo