Monday, 30 January 2012

Party day!

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. Her name was Lana. Now she is six6 years old. There was a lot of angry birds things. Over there, there was a swiming pool. There were two swiming pool. Both swiming pool are not deep. Our mum don't let us swim because my small sister was sick. She is not so sick.But we still can play in the play ground. But it's because she vomite. Yesterday she vomited in my daddy's car. By going to her house we need a GPS. GPS show us the way to anywere. Her house was at Damansara. It is far but we did not sleep. There were a lot of pepole at the party. There were my old friends I only saw two. Thier name are Fatin Alia and Alisha. Only that i saw. but i did not play with Alisha. But i played. With Fatin Alia. And it is time to go back. Because my sister got a class. The name of the tusion was Lorna Whiston. That is a English tusion.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My big trip at Singapore !

On Saturday,I went to Singapore. I went to singapore riding on a brigde. I didn't ride on a areoplane.

The next day,I went for swimming.There was a deep and not deep swimming pool. The not deep swimming pool was fun because of the slide. Oooops! I almost forget I went swimming with my serveboard. My picutre was a shark/gous. I had a new fried she is a girl here name was Patrisha. She came from Spain. Then I ask my mother is Spain far? Then my mother answer yes and Spain is outside of the Earth. Then we went back to the hotel.

The last day we went to Universel Studio. I like the place it was big. I saw Woody woodpecker. Then I go watch Shrek it was 4D. Then I ride on a Roller coaster. It was fun. Then I ride on a Trans Formers the ride the middle part was scary. The finaly we saw pepole daning

I love Singapore. And I will say bye bye Singapore. And you too bye bye!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Memories in Kindicare.

Last year i went to my old school. My school name was kindicare. In the school there were many classes. The classname is Buttercup,Daffodils,Tulip,Hibiscus and Orchid.That is the name of the classes. That time I have a lot of friends there were 23 in the class. Oooops! I forget to tell the name of my class. My class name is Orchid.

When i was in Orchid, my concert was Snow White.I was the narrator that who tells the story of snow white. I am wearing a blue gown. I like my blue gown. It's beautiful. I like my concert.

In Orchid my class teachers's name were Aunty Shanti and Aunty Jane. That's my class teachers's name. At nine'o clock on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we all went down to the playground whith the boys. The boys name were Miki, Sashine, Qawiem and Aqiel. That were the boys that I played with. I ran and chased the boys. I didn't manage to catch the boys except Aqiel. Because he is slow. The other girls were playing with the slide and swing.

I feel I like the School.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ADNI - My new school!!

Wednesday was my first day of school! It was a new school. The name of the school was ADNI. I like the school. I was late for a assembly because i was sending my sister to her school first. That's why I was late for assembly. In the assembly i cried. At the class when my teacher called my name i also cried because i am shy to answer my name. After that my mother went off to work. But i didn't cry every day. I cried only three days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I cried in the afternoon because I wanted to go home. I feel that I don't like the school because it is very long . The school finish at 4:00 o clock.

But, today and yesterday I did't cry. Because now i got a lot of friends. My friends name were Akmal Firdaus, Nihal, Syamira, Moadz, Erin and Cantika. They are my friends. I played with them. The teachers were nice. Teacher Najihah teaches me Arabic, Teacher Zuraida teaches me Bahasa Melayu ,Teacher Gamma teaches me Mathematics. I think I'm not going to cry again.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Pulau Pinang Day !

Lastime, i went to Pulau Pinang. I went to Pinang 3 days. The hotel was interesting, awesome . I like Pinang.

On Thursday, i went swimming. The swimming pool is best because, it has a slide. But before i went swimming i went to the kids club. The kids club was very board because my mother and father were coming to fetch me and my sister's from the kids club, the only i went for swimming.At the swimming pool there's a slide. The slide was long.