Thursday, 26 January 2012

My big trip at Singapore !

On Saturday,I went to Singapore. I went to singapore riding on a brigde. I didn't ride on a areoplane.

The next day,I went for swimming.There was a deep and not deep swimming pool. The not deep swimming pool was fun because of the slide. Oooops! I almost forget I went swimming with my serveboard. My picutre was a shark/gous. I had a new fried she is a girl here name was Patrisha. She came from Spain. Then I ask my mother is Spain far? Then my mother answer yes and Spain is outside of the Earth. Then we went back to the hotel.

The last day we went to Universel Studio. I like the place it was big. I saw Woody woodpecker. Then I go watch Shrek it was 4D. Then I ride on a Roller coaster. It was fun. Then I ride on a Trans Formers the ride the middle part was scary. The finaly we saw pepole daning

I love Singapore. And I will say bye bye Singapore. And you too bye bye!

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