Tuesday, 10 January 2012

ADNI - My new school!!

Wednesday was my first day of school! It was a new school. The name of the school was ADNI. I like the school. I was late for a assembly because i was sending my sister to her school first. That's why I was late for assembly. In the assembly i cried. At the class when my teacher called my name i also cried because i am shy to answer my name. After that my mother went off to work. But i didn't cry every day. I cried only three days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I cried in the afternoon because I wanted to go home. I feel that I don't like the school because it is very long . The school finish at 4:00 o clock.

But, today and yesterday I did't cry. Because now i got a lot of friends. My friends name were Akmal Firdaus, Nihal, Syamira, Moadz, Erin and Cantika. They are my friends. I played with them. The teachers were nice. Teacher Najihah teaches me Arabic, Teacher Zuraida teaches me Bahasa Melayu ,Teacher Gamma teaches me Mathematics. I think I'm not going to cry again.

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