Monday, 30 January 2012

Party day!

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. Her name was Lana. Now she is six6 years old. There was a lot of angry birds things. Over there, there was a swiming pool. There were two swiming pool. Both swiming pool are not deep. Our mum don't let us swim because my small sister was sick. She is not so sick.But we still can play in the play ground. But it's because she vomite. Yesterday she vomited in my daddy's car. By going to her house we need a GPS. GPS show us the way to anywere. Her house was at Damansara. It is far but we did not sleep. There were a lot of pepole at the party. There were my old friends I only saw two. Thier name are Fatin Alia and Alisha. Only that i saw. but i did not play with Alisha. But i played. With Fatin Alia. And it is time to go back. Because my sister got a class. The name of the tusion was Lorna Whiston. That is a English tusion.

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