Saturday, 14 January 2012

Memories in Kindicare.

Last year i went to my old school. My school name was kindicare. In the school there were many classes. The classname is Buttercup,Daffodils,Tulip,Hibiscus and Orchid.That is the name of the classes. That time I have a lot of friends there were 23 in the class. Oooops! I forget to tell the name of my class. My class name is Orchid.

When i was in Orchid, my concert was Snow White.I was the narrator that who tells the story of snow white. I am wearing a blue gown. I like my blue gown. It's beautiful. I like my concert.

In Orchid my class teachers's name were Aunty Shanti and Aunty Jane. That's my class teachers's name. At nine'o clock on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we all went down to the playground whith the boys. The boys name were Miki, Sashine, Qawiem and Aqiel. That were the boys that I played with. I ran and chased the boys. I didn't manage to catch the boys except Aqiel. Because he is slow. The other girls were playing with the slide and swing.

I feel I like the School.

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