Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My road trip to south -Singapore-

Thursday night we went to Johor Baharu. Daddy drove the car. We were sleeping in the car. And then we arrived at the hotel and we went to our room and continued sleeping.

On Friday, we ate chicken rice in the restaurant at Johor Bharu. Me and my big sister ate chicken rice while my little sister ate rice and chicken. After eating we went to Singapore. It took a while to Singapore because we went by car. We crossed Selat Tebrau, the ocean. When we arrived the hotel we went to our room. Our room was at level 38th. The room number was 3860. The hotel was big and nice. After that we went for swimming. The pool was on top of the hotel. It was called the infinity pool. The pool was really amazing. It was deep. Then it was 7 o' clock. My dad ordered some food because we are hungry. After we ate we continued swimming. My dad took picture of the nice city.

At night we went and saw all around Singapore. The city, the building, a lot's of things. And suddenly there was a show at 9:30pm nearby the lake. The tittle was Wonderful.There were fountain and picture of a boy and girl. It was a really nice show. Later, we took a strool at the garden. Then i was thirsty so we drank some water from the water cooler at the garden; Garden by the Bay. Then we went back to the hotel because everyone was tired. Me and my father raced to the hotel. I like racing to the hotel.

Next morning, we spent time in the bath tub taking our bath. It was really fun and joyful in the bath tub. After taking our bath we wore our clothes and went for shopping, walking around and around and around until it's night.

So at night we went for Night Safari. We rode a tram and saw a lot's of animals. We saw deer, hynea, malayan tiger, lion, elephant, tapir, hippopotumas, sea lion, girrafe, zebra, and the snake. So that's it. Then we wacthed a show. It was animal show. There was a special sea lion that can put tins, plastics and papers into the correct recycling bin. The instuctor asked the audience to stand up because they were sitting on the snake. So the instructor asked one macho man to come out. It was a korean man, suddenly they closed the lights and the instructor put the snake around him. But the korean man didn't realise it. They switched on the light and he was shocked that there was a a snake around him. He was really brave so he deserve a toy snake. The instructor called another boy or girl. So a boy came out. The instructor ask him to hide a grape on his hand so the asian bear cat couldn't find it. Then bear cat came out and try to think were was the grape. So he smelt it. It was at the right hand. The bear cat won. Then we took some pictures with the instructor. So that was the and of Singapore. Bye!

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