Sunday, 9 December 2012


Our mother plan for us to make a VOLCANO! 

First we did the  glue. The things we need were: tapioca starch, spatula, water and boiling water. First we put the tapioca into a bowl. Then we we put the normal water and the boiling water. After that  we stirred  it  until it's gooey. Then we waited until it's cold. 
Then we started to do the mountain. First we put a bottle on a base. Then we crumpled the papers like a ball. Then we put the crushed papers around the bottle. Then we covered  the bottle with big pieces of papers until it became like a real mountain. We covered the mountain with many layers. Then we let it dry.

The next day we painted our mountain. We painted the mountain with a sponge. We dipped the sponge into a paint and tapped it through the mountain. Mine was brown,green and purple. Brown for the sand,green for the grasses and trees and I'm not sure for the purple colour. But we learned a new lesson we mixed colours blue and yellow =green,red and blue =purple and the last colour was red and yellow=orange. And we have done.
Then, on Saturday we made the explosion of the volcano. My father took the video. The things were: baking soda,vinegar, orange food colouring and liquid dish soap. First we added in the baking soda through the funnel. Then we put the vinegar and the orange food colouring into a jar. Then we stirred it. While stiring we put the liquid dish soap into the jar. After that we poured the things we made into the funnel and BOM!!! The larva came out. Then we made another explosion. Instead of using the baking soda, we used the coca cola and mentos. We opened the cap from the bottle and put in one mentos, suddenly SPLASH!!! The coca cola burst. That part was really fun!
I like to do this kind of art and experiment.  It's really really fun and exciting. I wish I could do this again.

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