Monday, 3 December 2012


Last Saturday we made leaf casting! The leaf  casting was made out of PLASTER DUST. The things we need were,5 packets of plaster dust,2 bowls,a spatula and a leaf. LET'S GET STARTED!!!

First, we went into the bushes and hunt for leaves. Mine was green and flat, Arlia's was yellow orche and curvy, Arisha's was yellow and small and mama's was brown and a dried leaf. Then we poured some water into the bowl. Then we poured all the plaster dust into another bowl. And then we poured some water into the bowl that is full of plaster dust. Then we stir until it's  mixed. Then it became a mixture. Then we pour the mixture on top of the leaves and leave it overnite and let it dry.

The mixture dried and  harden.  Then we peeled the leaves. After that we painted the casting. My casting was yellow and red in coloured. Suddenly my one broke because I flip the casting. But I just continued painting and painting and painting until we were done.

I love to do LEAF CASTING. It's fun. I wish I could do it again. I wish I could do it again with ONE WHOLE FAMILY!!!

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