Wednesday, 27 February 2013


On 16th February, it was my Sri Sports Day. There were four types of houses. There were HUNAIN, BADAR, KHANDAK and UHUD. Wanna know which team I am in?  I am in teeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammm😯 HUNAIN!!! At the end I will tell you who is the champion for 2013. 
Me wearing the mask for our march pass
There was a race for the four houses. It was called dash. We had to run for 50m. I was the third one. Ah. Now lets go to another game. There were two games. I participated two games. The 1st game was called baby kangaroo. We had to run zig zag through the cones, jump over the hoola hoop, take one mathematics question and pasted it on a cardboard. BADAR was first. Second was KHANDAQ, third HUNAIN and last UHUD. The 2nd game was monster my. Now this is what I like. First we run zig zag through the cones, then threw a ball into a basket, after that took a balloon and sat on it until it pops🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! It was really loud. Then we had to finish up the puzzle. KHANDAQ was first, second was BADAR followed by HUNAIN and last was UHUD.

Me in front of my house's tent and the boys behind me holding the word HUNAIN!!!
Prize giving time. Baby kangaroo. 4th place UHUD. 3rd place HUNAIN. 2nd  place KHANDAQ. And 1st place went to BADAR. Monster my. 4th place UHUD. 3rd place HUNAIN. 2nd BADAR. And 1st place goes to KHANDAQ. Come on hunain don't be sad the overall champion went to HUNAIN!!! YAY!!!
Me running after the cardboard during my telematch. I was so nervous

So that was about the Sri Sports Day!!!

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