Friday, 30 May 2014

My school holiday


School holiday has started! Yahoo๐Ÿ˜ƒ!!!

My mom fetched me from school and we went to the dentist. I thought we are heading home but actually we are going to the dentist๐Ÿ˜! Aaaah! The name of the clinic is Klinik Tan Dan Mano. Weird right. Hihi. We are going there to check my teeeth and my maid's teeth. 

Please keep this a secret whoever reads my blog. I had dental cavity in my molar. And it is bad. By the way, we went in there and I was really nervous. Actually is been a while I have not been to the dentist. First the doctor checked my teeth. You know what, when I saw my teeth, I myself was shocked. Eeee. It is black. 

After checking my teeth, the doctor asked me, " Do you want to take of your teeth?". And I replied "No,". My mom said " Just take of one at the top there,". I became even more nervous and I started crying a bit. The doctor used two tools to take of my teeth. One of the tool is to push my teeth so it is easy to take of my teeth. And another one is to take my teeth out. So the doctor slowly push my teeth and I said "It is pain!". The doctor took of my teeth. It does'nt hurt. I should not cry at the first place. 


It is my maid's turn. I did'nt really see what the doctor did to my maid's teeth. But when I went in I sat for a while  and I saw a fake teeth. So I was like who's teeth is this for. And when I saw the doctor holding it, she placed in on my maid's gum. So I was shocked. All this while my maid did not tell me that she is wearing a fake teeth.

Wednesday, 28/5/2014

In the morning my mom woke me up to send my younger sister to school. Before we left the house, me and my elder sister helped my maid carry some stuff to bring it to our new house. Then we left. 

First we send my younger sister to school. Then we went to a stall nearby the road. We ordered nasi lemak. After finish eating, we went to our new house. We carried some stuff to our new house. We are actually going to move to our new house. When we went in, there was two person cleaning the house.

I kind of like my father's office in his room. It is cool. There many drawers. In his room, there is a toilet which is big and has a column of a shower and a column of a bathtub. There are two sinks.

In my room, there is a double decker bed. I am going to sleep up while my younger sister is going to sleep down. Near my sisters bed there is a small shelf were we can put some books there. In my elder sisters room there is a chair which has a drawer. And there is also a big bed. I like the chair with the drawer.

Thursday, 29/5/2014

Me an my sisters woke up in the morning. We are going to Batu Caves. Yay! But my younger sister has to go to school. So we sent our younger sister to school and we went to Batu Caves. We went to the Dark Cave. There are many insects and small animals in there. There is also a bat. We wore a helmet and we are holding a small torchlight. We could not shine the light directly to the bat. 

We saw  spiders, guano, cockroches, bats, centepides and there is also a dog!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜ถ. But they are harmless. There are many types of places in the Dark Cave. The places I like in the Dark Cave is Total dark and the windy and breezy part.


Yay! We are going for a canopy walk at FRIM! This time my younger sister is joining us. We are going with Aunty Lin, my mom's friend. We reached the place. There was a guard, and he said that the canopy walk was closed. Aoaoao.๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ. Aunty Lin said "It is okay. There is a waterfall in front there,". So we went to the river which has the waterfall. We dip our legs in the river. We also touched the waterfall. The water is flowing. And it is cold. Brrrr.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. 

Then we went to the hot spring. This time it is hot! Ouuch๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž! But I can stand the hotness while the others can't. That's because I'm skinny. Hihi.


Yay! Were going back to Rembau!!! But we had to wake up early in the morning. That was not good.
Kak Ulfa is going back to her home. After we sent Kak Ulfa we went to Rembau. Our grandfather is staying there. 


We went to the corn field there. We helped the workers there to pick the corn from the field. There was kind of the truck there. So after we pick the corn, we put it in there. 


After we went to the corn field we straight away took our bath because we are dirty. After taking our bath we went and buy some food for atok. Later, we went back to atok's house and put all the things in the house. Then we left.


Me and my sisters woke up early in the morning because we had a program called 'Gotong Royong'. It starts 8:30am. 


Now we reached the place. The ladies and children had to clean the tables and chairs. The man had to do other things than cleaning the tables and chair. I cleaned 3 tables. It was not easy to clean the tables and chairs.


Today we just stay home and help our mom to do the house chores. We wash the dishes, wash the clothes and hang the wet clothes since our maid is not here. We did'nt really play that time. Finally Tesco arrive. We ordered many foods. 


Aunty Aja, the woman who fetch and send us to school came to take our dining table, the black table and our maids matress. She came with her friend and her friend's son. We played with the boy. The boy was named Adam. We played with him fighting. We had so much fun playing with him.


Today we just stay home doing nothing. Our mom had to go to work. She is just going there for a while, not that long. About 8:00am to 5:00pm. So we showered, than we went in our neighbours house to play with them. We played with him almost the whole day. We had fun playing with them. Well not that fun. So overall the day was'nt good.๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž


Guess what? We are going to the canopy walk!!! Yay!!!  The canopy walk was fun. But we had to climb up for many kilometres. That was not fun. Guess which was the fun part? The fun is crossing the canopy. After doing the canopy walk, we went and dip ourself in the river. The water fall was beautiful. The water was cold. Brrrrrrrr๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ.


Today we are going to Ikea. We went there to buy lots of stuff to bring it to our new house. We bought that, this, that. A lot of stuff. We went there for 6 hours. Our maid had to carry Rakin, our baby boy for 6 hours. We had a bit fun there. After we bought those things, we went to our new house to put the stuff that we bought.


Today we are going to see cows,deers,horses, goat and going to the human anotomy.  First we went to see the cows. One of the baby cow bite my shirt. Yucks!!! Then we went to see the deers. We fed the deers and give them milk. Next we went to see the goat. All of the goats were frightened of us. So we did not really pat the goat because they were frightened of us. Next we went to the human anotomy. We learn about our bones. There are many things in our body. Last we went to see the horses. We fed the horses carrots. I do not like carrots. There were many horses. The owner of the horses gave them names. The horse that I like the most is Putra Arjuna and Putra Lizaz. I think they are brothers.


Today we are going to a wedding at Tapah. That is really far. After we get ready to go to the wedding,my mom called me and Arisha. She gave us an option. The option is do we want to go to Bangi or Tapah. So we chose Bangi. After they went Mak Long came and fetch us. And now we are going to Bangi.


We reached Bangi. We saw our cousin, Marcel playing his ipad. He did not realize that we have reached Bangi. So we startled him. BOOOO! He was shocked. Wow!!! Normally he does not get shocked when whoever strartled him. Hihi. We played with Marcel until 8:00pm. Then we went to sleep. We are staying there for another one day. Hihi.


Yay! We are going to celebrate my cousins birthday. Her name is Adelia. She's celebrating FROZEN!!! It is a frozen year. I am celebrating frozen too๐Ÿ˜œ. By the way the party starts around 4:00pm. While waiting, we played with Marcel. We also had some rice for lunch. After that we watched TV. Oo. Yay! Party time. 


The party was located at the Bangi Golf Club. I saw olaf the character from frozen made out of balloon. Hihi. One clown came to do some magics and competitions. His name is Mr Jaja the clown. My sister and I won one competition which is rapping your partner into a mummy. My partner is my sister. I rapped her. She seriously look like a mummy. I won some kind of box. In the box was some sweet,keychains and one eraser.


Aoao. Where are my parents,my younger brother and sister. They have not arrive yet. Ooo yay. They finally arrive. My younger sister missed the game. It is okay. Time for the MAGIC SHOW!!! He made cool magics. The coolest one is when he put white tissues in his mouth he pull it out it was connecting and its rainbow colour. Oo, time for cutting the cake. The cake is frozen. It was vanilla cake. Yummy.


Yay! We are going back to my hometown in Mersing,Johor. We are visiting maktok and tok cik my grandmothers. We are staying there until Friday. It took 5 hours from KL to Mersing. Tok alang is maktok's little brother. He is the one who will be fetching us from KL. By the way my parents are not following us back to Mersing. I can't wait to meet kak Jihan. We always took a ride on her motorcycle whenever we get back to Mersing. Oh no!!! It's night time. I just can't wait to ride the motorcycle. So we met tok cik. It's been a while we did not meet them. I miss them.


๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜ŒWhat a beautiful day. Oh ye!! Today we can ride the motorcycle. Hey??? Where did everybody go? Oh, their in the kitchen. Their making rendang. Yay!! That is my favourite food. Suddenly kak Jihan came riding her motorcycle. Then we begged. Can we ride the motorcycle.....please.....! Kak Jihan told us to ride the motorcycle in the evening because it is just 2 o'clock which is still hot. So we waited and waited. Ughhh! It is just 2:30pm. So while waiting we made bracelets out of rubber band. We can make any style. We know many styles which are fish tail, inverted, dragon scale, starburst and many more. We did it for an hour. So we just need to wait until asar. We helped tok cik and maktok to cook. Then we went to kak Jihan's house. We met cik Suzi and her pet cat. It's name is mei mei. Unfortunetly we could not ride the motorcycle because abang Amir, kak Jihan's little brother had to use it. Okay night time. We went to the bathroom brush our teeth then.......good night.


Oh! They have not wake up. Just then mak tok came down and I asked her, "Where is tok cik?". "She went out to throw the garbage." mak tok replied. While I was showering, tok cik came back and they woke up. Just then kak Jihan came. She came just for fun to see us. Again mak tok is cooking rendang. Yay. So we chated for a long time, about 20 minuites. So after that Kak Jihan went back home. It is just 3:00pm.  I can't wait to see tok alang and ride the motorcycle. This time we went and go to some shops on the main road.


Hello. I kind of miss Mikail, mama and daddy. Oh, I just remember that we are going back home tommorow. This is going to be fun. Tok cik told us that she will bring us to the playground this evening. Yay!  Oaoa. Tok alang went to Singapore. He went there to work. Uh! Yay it is 3:00pm


Tok cik waited for the azan. It started. Then tok cik brought us to the playground. Instead, we found a bouncing castle. We bounced and bounced and bounced. Oo. It is fun.


Mmm. I guess this is our last day. Aaaooo. We had to depart 8:30am. But tok cik, maktok and tok alang packed some food for lunch. So we depart. We reached the place 12:00pm. Everybody slept in the car. Mmmmm.yum,yum yummy. I ate rendang and nasi impit. It's so yummy. Bye bye Johor. And know it is traffic jam. I hate traffic jam. Actually the traffic is not that bad. We slept in the car. Why did the car stopped? Oh! We reached home. Yay! Mama! Mikail! Daddy! I miss them really much. 

Saturday, 14/6/2014 

Oh. Tok alang, mak tok and tok cik are having a sleepover. Yay! But when mak tok woke up she told me that they will be going back soon. Ooooo. Oh ye. I just remembered I have to go British Council. It is a class I go every Saturday. After the class I saw tok alang and the rest in the car. I thought they already went back to Mersing. Actually they followed us to go by some stuff at IKEA. They bought many stuff. Then we went back home and the left. Bye bye tok alang, tok cik, and mak tok.

Sunday, 15/6/2014


Oh oh. BACK TO SCHOOL!!! I just love schooling. We can learn new stuff, meet our friends and do fun activities. But we are not going anywhere. Oh we can play with our neighbours. But yhey are not home. Not even one!!! Oh. This will be a bored day. Since there is nothing to do I took my shower, eat my breakfast and......oh. One of my neighbour is back. Yay we can play.  We played until afternoon. We cannot stop playing.  After eating lunch we continued playing until evening. We had so much fun.

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