Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Celebrating daddy's birthday at magestic hotel.

On Tuesday we went to a special hotel that looks like a palace. The place was peace, queit and clean. There were lots of  people. We ordered 2 sets of the cakes, tart, scone and sandwiches. For the drinks  all of us ordered tea. When the food was served,  we started eating. 
The birthday man was so happy!

Me eating my favourite scone.
I ate the scone and the cake. I also put the sugar cube and milk into the tea. We gave the card to the birthday man, daddy and wished him happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!! WE LOVE💝YOU!!! We took pictures with daddy. I also took a picture of mama and daddy. Then we played. After playing we went out to see around the hotel. It was beatiful and big. there were many place to hide so I decided to play hide and seek. ShaSha was the counter. She has to count until number 20. Ready or not hear I come. Oh know she is coming. Oh she found Aya then me. Daddy said let's go. I thought we were going back home. We were actually taking rest inside the hotel somewhere at the cozy couch. Soooooooo relaxing!!! We still have time to play. Suddenly we were so tired. So we took a rest too. We went home just about before Maghrib!!

I wished we could go there again because I love the scones snd chocolate cake. And the place was peace and quiet!!!
Three sisters posing in front of the hotel.

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