Friday, 30 September 2011

My Transformer Birthday Party

Last July, it was my birthday party. I invited all my friends. I invite Lin xian, Marcel, Qaweim,  Sara, Aqiel,  Fara, Ashley, Neha, Miki, Khaliff, Sufi and Seri. That is my friends that i invited. I.celebrated my birthday party at Kids sports and gym. Me and my friends went inside the music room. Then the uncle gave us the light stick, and the uncle switch off  the light, and we all dance. Then we played something again, we played folding the newspaper until it's small. I like playing that game. Then all my friends sing a happy birthday song. The cake was Trans formers And now i am 6 years old. Then we all played at the Kids sports play ground. And my friends gave me presents. And  my mother bought me a Transformers mask. And my mother also bought me a Tranformers t shirt.

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