Monday, 4 June 2012

In Tokyo.

On Wednesday, I went to Tokyo. In Tokyo there's a lot  of things. I like Tokyo. On the first day in Tokyo, I went into the hotel. 

I started my vacation by going to the airport. The airport is very important. The airport  is very important because we need to check in. Ok after we went to the airport we went into the flight. It's was very long. Seven hours. After the flight, we walked around another airport but we don't need to check in. And we reach the hotel. The hotel is quite small. It is not so small. But it is also nice. 

So the next day, I woke up and took my bath. And we went to the Disneyland hotel.In disney hotel, we also need to check in. After we check in, we went for a walk, go shopping until night time. Then we went   back to the new hotel. Me and my mum went to get some ice. Then we eat eat eat eat then we went to bed.    GOOD NIGHT !

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